Archery Events

AE-300X234T.A.Z. Archery utilizes the great platform of Archery for all events, parties, leagues and shop events.  Archery allows us many tools to communicate with our customers more efficiently and provide a simple method of registering for all T.A.Z. functions.

Be sure to visit Archery and create a free account so you can see all the benefits and even find many other shoots and events going on around the country.  You will find it very useful!

About Archery

Wouldn’t it be great for the industry if archers could go to their favorite commercial, club or organization website and locate an event of their liking within 20 seconds (filtering by distance, event type, etc)?

Wouldn’t it be great if they could click a button and sign-up for that event in less than a minute?

Wouldn’t it be great if the event host could ditch the spreadsheets and simply click icons to generate check-in lists, accounting/sales reports, booth maps, badges, volunteer schedules, event schedules, parking passes, receipts, announcer reports and more?

THAT IS THE BIG IDEA. Check out the features and you’ll see exactly how it works.  Archery