My passion for bowhunting started at the age of 14, when my dad bought me my first bow for Christmas. With new bow in hand I went out to try it out and after the first shot of my bow, it blew up in my hands. Well you could only imagine the reaction of my dad when I came back into the house with my cool new bow that I received for Christmas was in five pieces. This struck an interest in me that I didn’t get to explore until I came back from my freshman year in college. At that time I walked into my first archery “Pro Shop”. See, when that bow blew up 5 years earlier I began to think about the mechanics of a bow and arrow, this really made my wheels turn and I wanted to learn everything about the sport of archery, from bowhunting, shooting a bow, to the set up and mechanics. This awesome new “Pro Shop” that I found had all of that and within 4 months I was a new bow tech at this archery shop. There I learned all the aspects of archery, running leagues, bow-tuning, sales, product awareness and one of the things that TAZ Archery is known for today, how to build custom strings and cables.

21 years later filled with bowhunting, bow-tuning, professional tournament shooting, custom string making and meeting great people from all states of the union, I am the owner of TAZ Archery that was established in 2008. From all these experiences, I formed a mission statement that I live by. “Our mission is to offer an archery center that services every customer from the novice to the professional. Whether you are a hunter or prefer the competition of 3-D and target shooting, T.A.Z. Archery will provide exceptional products, professional knowledge and a personalized experience for all. Professional Bow-Tuning, Custom Strings and Top of the Line Products, 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction on all Goods and Services!”

I have surrounded TAZ with the top of the line products in the industry and a great group of bow technicians, pro staff, and certified coaches to bring a hunter, target archer or just the backyard recreational shooter to the next level.