JOAD is a program of USA Archery that is designed to teach archery to young people, over a series of classes taught by T.A.Z. Archery Owner, Professional Archer, and Level 2 Certified coach Tim Zimmerman along with Level 3 Certified Coach Mike Nowotnik, and Level 1 Certified Coach Matthew Woods. Our coaching staff is dedicated to providing a quality archery program for kids whether they are just looking for safe fun in the back yard or chasing their dreams of Olympic Gold.

JOAD offers both recurve and compound archers the opportunity to learn range safety and proper shooting technique in an environment that also fosters focus, increased self-confidence and team building skills. T.A.Z. Archery JOAD is open to any youth archer aged 7 to 19 and is designed to grow with the youth archer. Introductory JOAD classes teach the fundamentals of proper shooting form; as the young archer develops, they will learn more advanced techniques.

TAZ JOAD members will be able to track progress through the USA Archery Achievement awards for indoors and outdoors. They will be trained to be able to compete at the local, regional, national, and world levels.

Whether your child’s interest is purely recreational or an Olympic, Paralympic, or World Championship dream, USA Archery’s JOAD program is tailored to help the young archer achieve their goals.

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TAZ Nation December Highlights

This month has been a crazy month full of tournaments and new experiences for the archers. Once again, these archers showed everyone just how talented this club is and what a wonderful group of kids they are. We started out the month with TAZ’S 4th Annual Winter Classic Tournament. This was the first out of three tournaments for the buckle series.

Female Bowman Compound

Taylor 1st

McKenzie 3rd

Saloni 5th


Male Bowmen Compound

Jacob 1st

Brandon 3rd


Female Bowmen Recurve

Caitlin 1st


Male Bowmen Recurve

Luke 1st


Female Cub Compound

Dana 1st

Alexis 2nd

Kaylee 3rd

Kaitlyn 6th


Male Cub Compound

Cole 1st

Collin 3rd


Female Cadet Compound

Kate 2nd

MacKenzie 3rd


Male Cadet Compound

Nathan 2nd

Evan 5th


Female Cadet Recurve

Zoe 3rd


Female Junior Compound

Taylor 1st


Male Junior Recurve

Ethan 1st


Male Compound Senior

Fred 2nd

Matt 6th

Shawn 7th

The next shoot for the month of December was the Midwest Open Indoor Archery Tournament. This was a two day shoot for the TAZ archers and an overnight stay in Peoria Illinois . Which means pool time for these archers !!!

$A-M-FS Division

Nathan 1st


C-F-FS Division

Taylor 1st

McKenzie 4th


C-M-OLY Division

Luke 1st



Dana 1st

Alexis 2nd

Taylor 3rd

Kaylee 5th



Zoe 2nd



Harrison 3rd

Cole 8th



Jacob 6th



Brandon 4th         

A Big Shout Out to Zoe for winning the PSE Bow Raffle. Since Zoe is a Recurve Shooter her sister McKenzie will be enjoying the brand new bow.

Another Big Shout Out to Dana ! Dana and her Pro won first place in the Pro Am at the Midwest tournament. Congratulations Dana !!

TAZ JOAD December Pin Shoot

A shout Out to

Zoe for earning her Yellow pin

Abby for earning her Gray and White Pins

Emily for earning her Green Pin

Taylor C. for earning her Red Pin

Brett earning his Gray Pin


This month ended up with a few of our archers shooting a local ITA tournament

Female Bowmen Compound

Alexis 1st

Kaylee 3rd

Taylor 4th


Male Bowmen Compound

Cole 1st

A Huge Shout Out  to Nathan for breaking the Bowmen  National Record at The USA Archery World trials .  He also finished up in 15th place. Way To Go Nathan !!



Also like to Congratulate Zoe and Lauren.  This month they both attended RDT Camp  in Salt Lake City. Its amazing how far these two have come.

 TAZ New Years Eve 25M Shoot Results

Bowen Female Compound

Alexis 1st

Kaylee 2nd

Taylor 3rd

Kenzie 4th

Bowmen Compound Male

Nathan 1st

Bowmen Male Recurve

Luke 1st

Cub Female Compound

Kate 1st

Dana 2nd


Cub Male Compound

Cole 1st


Recurve Cub Female

Zoe 1st


Cadet Female Compound

MacKenzie 1st


Cadet Female Recurve

Lauren 1st


An Extra Loud Shout Out  to Nathan and Alexis. They both have pending national records after the 25M New Years Eve Shoot.







Important Dates

December 31 New Years Eve Pot Luck Shoot

January 12-13 TAZ Snow Slam

January 20 ITAA JOAD State Championship